About the Apologetics Fellowship

The Cincinnati Dayton Area Apologetics Fellowship meets on the second Saturday of each month for fellowship, training in apologetics ministry, and to strategize apologetics for southwest Ohio and surrounding areas.

We’re a fellowship group above all. God has done amazing things through our fellowship, from classes to conferences to high-level training seminars He’s made happen through our people. We love seeing Him do that — but our first purpose is to be there for people who want someone to talk with about matters of the Christian mind. Some of us feel pretty alone in that in our churches.

So the group is for anyone who’s interested in apologetics. It doesn’t matter how much or how little you’ve studied, we have a home for you here. We’re also here, naturally, to help each other grow in our knowledge of Christian truth, and how to minister through apologetics.

The group’s basic format, besides these online pages, is to meet monthly with a short (10-15 minute) starter talk, with an emphasis on learning from each other. Meetings won’t be lectures or classes, in other words. We can get that online; we can’t get interaction with each other that way.

Our leaders adhere to this statement of belief,  though we do not require it of those who attend our Saturday morning fellowships. We welcome anyone who wishes to join in, bearing mind that this is a fellowship group, not a debate group, although we may host debates from time to time.

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